Full Name:Wynter Alice Blizzard

Nickname: Wyn, Wynter, Wynnieboo, Apple, Wynbaka (by Miyuki)

Hair colour: Strawberry blonde

Eye colour: Violet

Age: 14

Gender: Male (Born female)

Nationality: American

Species: Demigod

Godly Parent: Hecate

Relatives: Selena Blizzard (Half sister), Amara Rose (adopted mom)

Best friend: Miyuki Himekawa

Love Interest: ???

Alliances: Pyscopaths, Camp half blood


Wynter is good at ropes and strings, and she has the skills to set traps everywhere(learnt from her time on the streets)However, she is not good at sharp weapons like blades or arrows so she depends on her powers over the Mist.


-Mist Manipulation

-Minor Magic