Full Name:Carleigh Olivia Mandel

Nicknames:Metalbrainy, Metalhead, Grey



Height:6ft or 183cm

Spieces: Mutant

Occupation : Doctor.

Alliances:The Pyschopaths, The Society

Appearance Edit

Her usual eye colour is dark brown.When using her powers, her eyes will shift to a metallic gray or black.She has shoulder length straight dark brown hair.She has tanned skin and her height is 1.82 metres.She is considered to be the tallest of the Psychopaths.Her current age is 101.

History Edit

Carleigh Mandel, born 13th February, 1923 in Brooklyn. She was a healer and a member of Psychopaths. She had powerful brain powers which people have nothing to stop it, not even the time. She could read, control and even kill only with her brain. She could be invisible and create portals, too. She also had a nickname, 'Metalbrainy' or 'Metalhead' because she could turn into any metal whenever she wanted to. She had a sister, Carmen Amelia Mandel who killed both their father and mother when Carleigh was only 10, right in front of her, using a poisonous blade and sliced open their necks. Then, she gave Carleigh an invisible scar on her right cheek before she left their home. After Carmen had left, Carleigh ran down to town and was found sleeping on the street as a homeless kid. She was sent to an orphanage where she discovered her special powers but they were actually granted when she was born. One day when she woke up, she figured out that she could control the alarm clock to turn off. That time onwards, she acted out like a strange kid. After staying in the orphanage for a month, she was adopted by an 18 year old unmarried lady. Later, the lady took her to high school. She completed high school when she was 15 due to excellent performance in academics and finished college at the age of 18. She was good in class, exams and tests, but she never liked talking to people at school. She was always a strange kid. After she finished college, she applied to be a doctor during the war between the Nazis and the Americans which she met Peggy Carter and Howard Stark. She helped repairing and checking the machine for the 'Super Soldier Program'. Unfortunately, she was shot dead by the Red Skull after Steve Rogers had finished his program. Carleigh woke up in a bed and she realized that someone found her body in the ice. She had stayed in the ice for 50 years. A few years later, she went to Japan to look after a Japanese kid named Himekawa Miyuki for 15 years. She continued to be a Psychopath after all uptil now.

Powers: All the mind powers Weapons: A silver leaf shaped dagger, a grey long staff

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